A downloadable AI Test for Windows and macOS

This is not a collection of games, but a simple test into learning Processing. Hopefully you will see my depths of learning how to make convincing AI, to put back into my previous game, Unmasking the Brain Burglar. I have made a pack for all of the projects, but you can download them separately too.

Apologies for Mac users: Your projects are much larger as I've had to include a copy of Java, to give them more chance of working.

001: Randomly Generated Walker - This is my first attempt of making a walker. it tends to walk to the bottom right. Look at it if you would like.

002: Walker Walks Toward Mouse - Look, Interactivity!

003: Gaussian Blur - This looks at using random number generation to create blurring.

004: Mouse Spray Paint - Using Gaussian RNG to create a spray paint. The colour of the spray paint, position of the dot of spray are all randomly generated, based on the mouse coordinates.

005: Gaussian Walk - The walker uses Gaussian distribution to decide how far it will walk in a given direction. Gaussian Distribution is a form of randomness that takes the average into acount. the closer to the average, the more likely the change of being hit.

006: Levy Flight Walk, or Monte Carlo Walk - This walker is used for finding things in environments. in order to find things, you look about randomly, and every now and again walk a distance and look elsewhere. This helps prevent you looking in the same place multiple times. PS: This helps, but doesn't stop entirely. PPS: I'm not sure if I did this one entirely right, as it looks quite like 006.

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Published2 years ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
AuthorJoseph Abell


Windows 64.zip (23 MB)
Windows 86.zip (23 MB)
Mac.zip (219 MB)